Quiz 1

What do you associate the word “risk” with?

How would your best friend describe you as a risk taker?

You have saved up for your "once-in-a-lifetime" vacation. However, several weeks before going on holiday you get the good news that you will have twins. You would:

You are on a TV game show and you won 5 000 DKK. You would rather:

What do you expect to be your next major expenditure?

How comfortable are you investing?

Imagine that you have just received a bonus representing 2 months of your salary. However you cannot withdraw the money, but instead you should invest it. You would:

You have invested in high-interest safe government bonds, but the value of hard assets such as gold, jewels and real estate as are increasing fast. You would:

Below, you are given the best- and worst-case return on investment. Which one would you choose?

How often do you contribute to your portfolio or drawing from it?

Quiz 1
Risk taker

You are an investor who has high tolerance for risk. In order to maximize your potential gains, you are ready to lose up to 50%, in some cases even more, of your investment. You may think that taking such significant risks is in favor of potentially higher long-term returns but you also do it for the thrill.

You have an average/moderate tolerance for risk. You value long-term investments and you are willing to accept risks and volatility to some degree. You are comfortable with short-term fluctuations in exchange for higher long-term returns. Liquidity is a secondary concern to you.


You have a below-average tolerance for risk. Your desire to have greater liquidity and long-term appreciation may push you into making some not that risky investments. Even though you are comfortable taking such low risks, primarily you seek to minimize the loss.

You, as an investor, have a low tolerance for risk. You are always trying to avoid any potential loss of financial resources, so you make relative safe investments. You are comfortable accepting lower returns for a higher degree of stability.